Maine Women's Lobby

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Mission and Story

Passion and Progress

The Maine Women's Lobby, a membership organization, was formed in 1978 when a group of Maine delegates to the National Women's Conference met to discuss activities the delegation might undertake to promote the well-being of Maine women.

After the defeat of their domestic violence bill in the Maine Legislature, due in large part to the lack of representation of Maine women as an "interest group," they formed a not-for-profit corporation to bring the perspective of women to public policy in the State of Maine.

These women, who knew that the only way to ensure that women's voices were represented at the legislature was to join together to make it happen, founded the Maine Women's Lobby!

With a core group of ten organizers, they accumulated enough funding from 2,000 individuals to hire the organization's first lobbyist in time for the 1979 legislative session. Each legislative session since, the Maine Women's Lobby has had a full-time lobbyist at the State House to represent the interests of women and their families.

Decades of Leadership

For more than 30 years, the Maine Women's Lobby has been working to increase opportunities - through education and advocacy - on behalf of women and girls. Our goal is to ensure that women and girls in Maine can lead healthy and productive lives free from violence and discrimination.

The Maine Women's Lobby is a recognized leader on some of the most important issues of our time. We bring the voice of Maine women through public policy development, education, and advocacy focused on four core issues: economic security, health care and reproductive rights, civil rights, and freedom from violence.

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