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Senate President Libby Mitchell: In light of H1N1, Maine Needs Paid Sick Days “…Everyday during flu season, thousands of people go to work sick even though they know they should be staying home. The problem is, if they do the responsible thing and stay home, they lose a day’s pay. For the thousands of Mainers […]

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Here it is, folks, straight from the White House. It’s time that everyone had the protection of paid sick days. Said Secretary Solis yesterday, “Thanks to the leadership of Vice President Biden we are proud to work with our colleagues in the Cabinet and the Middle Class Task Force to improve work-life policies, and efforts […]

Support Stop the Stupak Amendment, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! –

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What laws do.

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10 Nov 2009

Elissa O’Brien, VP of HR at Wingate and Representative from SHRM says…no mandates…¬†And also they already provide Paid Time Off so do we really need a law? Now Debra is saying it sounds likes you are a model employer, and so wouldn’t be affected by the law at all. Remember: labor laws aren’t made for […]

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“Our failure to establish a minimum standard of paid sick days is putting the public’s health at risk” She’s noting that it’s largely those workers who interact directly with the public – food service workers, child care, nursing home workers – that lack even a single paid sick day.

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