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Some of us in a photo with Lilly after her inspiring speech! Stay tuned for more on Lilly’s visit later this week.

You may remember that in 2007, Maine acted to restrict the toxic brominated flame retardant DECA in consumer products used in the home. The Maine Legislature acted because studies had repeatedly shown that DECA was building up in our bodies and in wildlife and causing harm, AND because there were good, safer alternatives that provided […]

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L.D. 1665, a bill that would have provided paid sick days for Maine workers, is over. Done. Deadsville… For now. While this is a time of extreme disappointment for those who care about basic workplace protections for everyone, it is also a time of rare opportunity. Yes, opportunity. When legislators leave the State House this […]

One third of personal care products contain at least one chemical linked to cancer. These products also include chemicals that are linked to birth defects and reproductive health problems. It is time we take action to regulate the cosmetics industry! Some of the scariest chemicals: Lead Acetate, Phthalates and Synthetic Musk. In light of the […]

Save the Date! Cosmetics on Trial – The Verdict Is In Come join a campaigning group of young women as they discuss the need for chemical policy reform in the cosmetic industry and the results of their testing of twelve personal care products. One month ago these young women shipped off some of their favorite […]