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… and, they answered. Where do your candidates stand on the SheDecides Pocketbook agenda? The SheDecides action team showed up at the candidate forum today to pitch this very question to their candidates. This crew of women took 77 steps – signifying the difference in earnings between men and women – and to ask their […]

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Hear from Presidential adviser, Valerie Jarrett, on the wage gap: America first put an equal-pay law on the books in 1963, when women earned 59 cents for every dollar earned by a man. While this legislation was landmark at the time, its core provisions require updating if it is to fulfill its promise. Nearly 50 […]

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Check out this great video on fair pay: [youtube][/youtube]

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…the clock is ticking. The U.S. Senate is back in session, and the clock is ticking for fair pay. With three weeks remaining to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, we need our Senators to act – which means they need to hear from us today! Call your Senator at 1-877-667-6650 and ask them to pass […]

“Consumers see fewer pieces of lead-containing jewelry – both cheap and expensive- in stores after California legislation is implemented” Researchers note a huge drop – from 50% down to 4% of jewelry containing lead. Lead interrupts brain development, memory and learning in young children. Fortunately, California has taken action to reduce exposure. Maine’s Kids Safe […]