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unbelievable. That’s what I think about L.D. 924 – “An Act to Educate Women on the Medical Risks Associated with Abortion.” This bill would require doctors to read a biased and coercive script to a patient … 24 hours before she could obtain an abortion.Womenmaking decisions about their health have a right to non-biased information […]

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We can all agree that open parent-to-child communication around health decisions is ideal. Unfortunately, for many families this is not the reality. There is no law we could pass, no policy we could implement that would create good communication between kids and their parents where it does not already exist. A teen may feel uncomfortable […]

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Are you a parent who wants to secure confidential medical care for your child? Maine legislators need to hear from you now. Parents want what’s best for their kids. They work hard to make sure that kids are well fed, well educated and safe. LD 31, “An Act To Protect the Safety of Maine Children […]

STOP the roll-back of Child Labor Laws! Join us this Friday for the public hearing of L.D. 1346. You’ve seen the updates. Now it’s time to take action to stop these roll-backs. First, there was L.D. 516 which would allow employers to work teens longer hours during the school week, during the school day, and […]

It’s Equal Pay Day! What’s that? This day represents the amount of time into 2011 it took women in the United States to work  (600 extra hours!)  to catch up with what men earned in 2010. Well, I hate to state the obvious but, it has been a long time since January 1st. While working […]

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