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lovely Maine summer is finally upon us, the legislative session is over . . . you’d think you could relax a little, right? Hold up, not so fast! Moves are afoot in Washington, DC, with huge implications for women. The discussions surrounding the the impasse over the federal budget include considering cuts to Social Security […]

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It’s about time we strengthen our chemical safety laws! Thanks to your activism, we have had major victories in Maine, in implementing common-sense laws to get toxic chemicals out of our consumer goods. With so much success at home – let’s take this show on the road! Next up: Washington D.C. The Safe Chemicals Act of […]

Before you eat that hot dog, before you head out to see those fireworks, take a minute to think about our rights and responsibilities as Americans. What does voting mean to you? This weekend, we will celebrate the Fourth of July with family gatherings and fireworks. In part, we will honor our democracy. Even after independence, women had […]

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