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127th Legislature, First Regular Session Legislative Outcomes We lobbied on a number of bills this legislative session. The roll calls for some of those are featured in our member newsletter, which was mailed in September. (You can become a member by making a donation to the Maine Women’s Lobby today.) We talked about many other […]

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Oh, what a month it’s been for Maine women! We truly can’t contain our joy. Due to Governor LePage playing politics with his expected vetoes, four of our priority bills have now become law. We worked hard to pass these important pieces of legislation and the lives of thousands of Maine women will improve because […]

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I am excited to write that this morning the Supreme Court of the United States announced two landmark decisions for marriage equality! Today marks the day that same-sex couples can once again get married in California and married same-sex couples across the country will have the same protections under federal law that every other married […]

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Affirmative action is a tool that is often used to help create greater diversity in state institutions. Greater diversity has proven benefits for those in the minority as well as those in the majority. Last year a case brought by a white applicant to a state university challenging the use of race as a factor […]

With marriage equality being part of everyday discussions and debates all over the country, it was inevitable that the U.S. Supreme Court (also know as SCOTUS) would eventually have its say. Earlier this year the Court heard oral arguments for two cases, the decisions of which will change the marriage equality discussion forever. Both of […]