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Women’s voices matter. Make yours heard on Election Day – November 4th. If you’re feeling like us, you’re more than ready for the bombardment of lawn signs, advertisements, phone calls, and mailers to end. But you know, too, that Election Day won’t just bring the end of campaign season. It’s the chance for our state-wide […]

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The election season is heating up, and women are sure to be the deciders in 2012. 52% of college-aged women (18 to 24 years old) reported voting in 2008 presidential election (compared to 45% of men in the same age group).  However, college-aged women vote at a lower rate than their older female counterparts.  We […]

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Maine women make up the majority of the electorate in Maine, and nationwide.  More than 53% of Maine’s registered voters are women, and candidates know what the one to capture the female vote is a likely winner at the polls.  In fact, the number female voters in presidential election years hasexceed the number of male […]

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This summer’s Linda Smith Dyer Fellowship may be over, but my desire to fill Hannaford Hall on October 4th is not! The Maine Women’s Policy Center is excited to announce the upcoming U.S. Senate Candidates’ Forum on Issues Affecting Women and Girls.  This is our first U.S. Senate forum, and we can’t wait to fill […]

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It’s that time of year again when we look back at the work we did together – from right here on our computers (or smart phones, tablets … you get the idea). This is a compilation of the most read action alerts and the issues they communicated. Throughout this past year, we fought against roll-backs […]