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Alliance for Maine Women Announces 2016 Priorities The Alliance for Maine Women works to ensure that all Mainers have the economic, social, and political power to make decisions about their bodies, sexuality, health, and families – with an emphasis on securing these rights for Maine Women. The Maine Women’s Lobby is a proud partner of […]

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We wanted to give you an overview of some of the solutions that came out of our first Maine Women’s Summit on Economic Security that we shared in Building a Prosperous Maine: A Roadmap to Economic Security for Women and Our Families. We approached the first Summit and our Roadmap with a vision for a […]

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What a day this has been!  We’ve heard from Caroline Fredrickson about the things that have yet to be done to close the gap on compromises made early on in passing anti-discrimination and labor laws that have left many women far behind on the road to financial stability.  Then we discussed what is being done […]

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“What we need is structural change, not self-help.  Lean In should really be standing together. Let’s stand together to make the world a better place.” –Caroline Fredrickson Standing together with women, organizations, and policy-makers to make the world a better place is what the Maine Women’s Lobby has been doing for more than 35 years. That’s […]

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Learn. Share. Act.    Those were the words we used in planning the first ever Maine Women’s Summit on Economic Security two years ago. That autumn day we shined a light on the policies that could help all Maine women and their families meet their basic needs, get a strong education, and have access to […]

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