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We wanted to give you an overview of some of the solutions that came out of our first Maine Women’s Summit on Economic Security that we shared in Building a Prosperous Maine: A Roadmap to Economic Security for Women and Our Families. We approached the first Summit and our Roadmap with a vision for a […]

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On June 10, 1963 President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law and this past Monday was the 50th anniversary of the bill’s passage. When the bill was signed by President Kennedy women earned 59 cents on every dollar that a man earned. But instead of celebrating this landmark legislation, it was a day […]

Lower Pay for Women Lower pay – especially for women. That’s what so-called “Right to Work” laws do to union and non-union women workers across the country1. Maine lawmakers should not weaken the very institutions that improve the well being of women and working families – especially during tough economic times. Unfortunately, the Legislature is poised to do just that. […]

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and we’ve got the perfect gift for you to send to your mom – and all the moms you know and love… A movie starring them (it’s really cool)! As you know, the  Maine Women’s Lobby is fighting for Maine women – and the families they care for. This week […]

It’s Equal Pay Day! What’s that? This day represents the amount of time into 2011 it took women in the United States to work  (600 extra hours!)  to catch up with what men earned in 2010. Well, I hate to state the obvious but, it has been a long time since January 1st. While working […]

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