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An impressive article in the Cincinnati Enquirer described the impact lack of paid sick days has on kids, parents, and the economy. “Batavia School District Nurse Cathy Meyer often finds herself tangling with parents over sending their kids to school sick. And the students don’t just have the sniffles. One day last month, three kids […]

CBS News published a great piece on the lack of paid parent leave in the United States, as compared to other countries: Americans often take pride in ways their nation differs from others. But one distinction — lack of a nationwide policy of paid maternity leave — is cited in a new report as an […]

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Here at the Maine Women’s Lobby, we’ve been researching family leave insurance for nearly ten years. It’s passed in three other states (California, Washington, and New Jersey), and many more are actively working on legislation. Right now, in Maine, when working families welcome a new baby or face a serious illness (think horrendous car accident […]

Last week, the Village Soup posted an article featuring reflections on the 124th session from capital-area legislators. Their reflections are really interesting – and got me wondering what others thought. So, I started asking around … and here are some reflections from the women of the Maine Women’s Lobby: Here’s what Laura had to say: […]

A woman in Pennsylvania is seeking to make it illegal for potential employers to ask that question. In her experience, the fact that she was s single mom of two young children stopped many job interviews mid-stream. This article is a perfect example of why we are working so hard on LD 962, An Act […]