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Since I was the only lady in the room, I hoped that they would let me stand in front with all the big guys.  But, in all seriousness, this was a great event.  Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure to attend the signing ceremony for LD 621, “An Act Allowing Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Firefighters […]

Last week, the Village Soup posted an article featuring reflections on the 124th session from capital-area legislators. Their reflections are really interesting – and got me wondering what others thought. So, I started asking around … and here are some reflections from the women of the Maine Women’s Lobby: Here’s what Laura had to say: […]

We know how Governor Baldacci answered the question, he clearly stated that marriage equality was about being fair. Unfortunately, New Hampshire’s Governor hasn’t proceeded in the same fashion. In New Hampshire, Gov. John Lynch – who previously defined marriage as strictly between a man and a woman – promised his “best decision” after consulting lawmakers […]

Can’t even describe  how elated we are to live in Maine, where, at every opportunity, our decisionmakers have stood FOR equality, fairness and justice. From all of us at the Maine Women’s Lobby: Thank you, Governor Baldacci. Here’s my favorite part of his statement: “In the past, I opposed gay marriage while supporting the idea […]

The 3rd floor of the State House is lined with marriage equality supporters – wearing red, of course – and several have already taken their seats here in the balcony. Hopefully this will be a short debate, and we can get this bill to the Governor’s desk to sign. Pronto. But I’m not counting any […]