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Women come in all shapes and sizes, ages and socioeconomic statuses, and degrees of healthiness.  Whether it is being able to afford your monthly prescription for birth control, caring for a child with asthma, or seeking coverage for an annual flu shot, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides a benefit to you. […]

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June 29th marked a historic day for healthcare in America.  In a 193-page decision, the Supreme Court upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), a law that will not only help make healthcare more affordable and accessible, but improves the quality of care individuals and families can receive under their plans. While I […]

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Last week, the morning after the election, I made a commitment to you. (You can read it – along with all of the year’s messages – here). I said that together we’ll work to be sure the new Governor and legislature preserve critical protections for Maine women and tackle the challenges that face Maine families. […]

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Shocking but true. Maternity health was not previously required of providers, so individual health care plan could deny coverage for Maternity health or charge more! With the new law requires health plans to cover maternity care as well as prescription drugs (which should include contraceptive drugs and devices)! This goes for gynecological visits as well, […]

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Once this new law is implemented, 4.5 million women will be newly eligible for coverage through medicaid and approximately 11 million women will receive health insurance subsides! Additionally, women are more likely than men to work for small businesses that don’t offer health insurance, but new tax credits will make it easier for small businesses […]

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