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Your voting rights are under attack! Right now, the Maine Legislature is considering LD 1376, “An Act To Preserve the Integrity of the Voter Registration and Election Process.” Integrity? Don’t be fooled by the misleading title of this bill. LD 1376 does nothing but limit Maine voters’ access to their fundamental right to vote. LD […]

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Last week, the legislature voted to pass an amended version of L.D. 516 – increasing the number of hours a teen can work during the school week. The amended bill represents a very significant improvement over the initial bill that, as written, would have removed all hourly protections for teen workers, but – to be […]

CBS News published a great piece on the lack of paid parent leave in the United States, as compared to other countries: Americans often take pride in ways their nation differs from others. But one distinction — lack of a nationwide policy of paid maternity leave — is cited in a new report as an […]

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Do you want to? I found this section of the Wellstone Action! website to be very helpful. It has step-by-step guide to being a citizen lobbyist. We also have posted our guides to citizen lobbying on our website. Wellstone Action is a national center for training and leadership development in the progressive movement.  Founded in […]