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If you tuned into Governor LePage’s inauguration yesterday, you may remember his story about Jennifer Cloukey, a single mom and T.A.N.F. ( a.k.a. welfare) recipient that is graduating nursing school this fall and hopes to get off T.A.N.F. In his inaugural speech, Governor LePage cited Jennifer as an example of what he hopes to be the norm in – a hard working […]

Inauguration day! That’s right, the day when Governor Elect, Paul LePage, becomes our Elected Governor. Follow the action here: MPBN’s The Transition And stick with us! Our Associate Director, Charlotte will be reporting back when she returns from the event.

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What a year! Between a hard fought legislative campaign, a lively election season, an outpouring of grassroots activism, and some exciting visitors, 2010 kept us busy and brought about a whole slew of new experiences and achievements to our work. It was challenging to pick just five moments out of the myriad momentous moments that […]

1920. That’s when women got the right to vote, just 90 years ago. Now, women account for more than half of the electorate – 53% of voters in the last Presidential election were women! Make sure that you make it count and get out the vote and make sure your mother, sisters, friends, daughters, and neighbors […]

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I’ve been interning with the Lobby for a couple of months now, and every single day I am amazed by the work the Lobby is doing with women in Maine, particularly through the new SheDecides campaign.  Today I’ve been phoning female voters, encouraging them to get out to vote.  I think that Julie Vogtman, Counsel […]

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