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Katie Couric took a stand for paid sick days on the CBS nightly news on Friday. Citing a recent report from Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, Couric noted that 2/3 of restaurant workers have prepared or served food while ill. Her comments were part of the “Katie Couric’s Notebook” segment of the show. Business owners and policy […]

Maine business leaders support paid sick days The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell us to stay home from work or school in order to decrease the spread of the H1N1 virus. President Obama says, “If you’re sick, stay home.” Common sense tells us to limit our contact with others when we are sick. […]

Senate President Libby Mitchell: In light of H1N1, Maine Needs Paid Sick Days “…Everyday during flu season, thousands of people go to work sick even though they know they should be staying home. The problem is, if they do the responsible thing and stay home, they lose a day’s pay. For the thousands of Mainers […]

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Here it is, folks, straight from the White House. It’s time that everyone had the protection of paid sick days. Said Secretary Solis yesterday, “Thanks to the leadership of Vice President Biden we are proud to work with our colleagues in the Cabinet and the Middle Class Task Force to improve work-life policies, and efforts […]

Senator Dodd is overseeing a hearing in U.S. Senate Committee Health Education Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, Subcommittee on Children and Families right now. Stream it now! The cost of being sick:H1N1 and Paid Sick Days