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“In entering upon the great work before us, we anticipate no small amount of misconception, misrepresentation, and ridicule; but we shall use every instrumentality within our power to effect our object. We shall employ agents, circulate tracts, petition the State and national Legislatures, and endeavor to enlist the pulpit and the press in our behalf. […]

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On June 10, 1963 President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law and this past Monday was the 50th anniversary of the bill’s passage. When the bill was signed by President Kennedy women earned 59 cents on every dollar that a man earned. But instead of celebrating this landmark legislation, it was a day […]

Can you imagine forcing a pregnant woman to choose between a healthy pregnancy and her job? Unfortunately, it happens all the time and it’s not even illegal. In workplaces all over the country, women are being penalized, demoted, forced onto unpaid leave, or fired because their employers refuse to make even the smallest accommodations for […]

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On February 5, 1993, President Bill Clinton signed the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) into law. FMLA provides eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave in a year. Workers have taken Family Medical Leave over 100,000,000 times (yup – a lot of zeros!) since FMLA was made the law of […]