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Governor LePage has now chosen his appointees to head seven of the 15 state departments—and, so far, none of them are women. “Not only does a healthy democracy require diversity in order to be truly representative, but solving the tough problems that Maine currently faces will require leadership, experience, wisdom, and drawing upon all of […]

This Thursday, November 18th, for the first time in EIGHT years, the United States Senate will hold a hearing focused solely on the importance of ratifying CEDAW – a momentous step forward in our push to ratify this important Treaty. CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, is a […]

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Here we go! Happy Election Day.  Don’t forget to VOTE! (But, you knew that). Something we haven’t heard a lot about nationally – Women’s E-news reports today that anti-choice female candidates for governor are poised for big wins. What will this mean for state protections for reproductive rights and access to health care?

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Did you hear? Our Executive Director, Sarah Standiford, debated well-known critic of feminism, Christina Hoff Sommers at the Maine School of Law earlier this week. The resolution? The Paycheck Fairness Act. The conclusion? Sarah knocked it out of the house for Paycheck Fairness! Despite Ms. Sommers’ declaration the the legislation is,  a “mean spirited little […]




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