How did your Representative vote on the minimum wage referendum?

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21 Mar 2016
Last week, the Maine House took a vote on the minimum wage referendum. That referendum would gradually raise our minimum wage to $12 by 2020 – and would gradually end the subminimum tipped wage by 2024. Tens of thousands of Mainers worked hard to collect the signatures to put the referendum on the ballot this fall, but corporate lobbyists are attempting to undermine that effort by trying to put a competing, weaker proposal on the ballot through the legislature. Thankfully, the Maine House voted 78-69 to send the referendum straight to the ballot as it is.
There are going to be additional votes so it is important to thank those Representatives who voted with hard-working Mainers. And we need to let those who didn’t vote to send the referendum straight to the ballot know that we’re disappointed in them. Please take a few minutes now to send a message to your Representative about their vote.
Thank you for taking action on this issue that affects so many Maine women struggling to make ends meet.

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