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“Consumers see fewer pieces of lead-containing jewelry – both cheap and expensive- in stores after California legislation is implemented” Researchers note a huge drop – from 50% down to 4% of jewelry containing lead. Lead interrupts brain development, memory and learning in young children. Fortunately, California has taken action to reduce exposure. Maine’s Kids Safe […]

Save the Date! Cosmetics on Trial – The Verdict Is In Come join a campaigning group of young women as they discuss the need for chemical policy reform in the cosmetic industry and the results of their testing of twelve personal care products. One month ago these young women shipped off some of their favorite […]

Since I was the only lady in the room, I hoped that they would let me stand in front with all the big guys.  But, in all seriousness, this was a great event.  Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure to attend the signing ceremony for LD 621, “An Act Allowing Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Firefighters […]

That’s the message that the Maine Women’s Lobby and the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine is trying to send to all people and policy-makers in Maine. Throughout the past 2 weeks this giant baby bottle has been traveling across the state. In the photos below, a group of children from a local daycare […]