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Paycheck Fairness: How Long Will it Take? Maine Women’s Lobby Responds to Vote to Defeat Paycheck Fairness Act Statement of Sarah Standiford, Executive Director, Maine Women’s Lobby “The failure of the U.S. Senate to proceed to an up-or-down vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act has jeopardized the economic standing of Maine’s women, and the families […]


Last week, the Village Soup posted an article featuring reflections on the 124th session from capital-area legislators. Their reflections are really interesting – and got me wondering what others thought. So, I started asking around … and here are some reflections from the women of the Maine Women’s Lobby: Here’s what Laura had to say: […]

The Maine Human Rights Commission decided that a transgender woman was discriminated against at a Denny’s restaurant in Auburn when management would not let her use the ladies room until she had sex reassignment surgery. The Sun Journal editorialized against the decision. And here’s what Sarah said, “The Sun Journal editorial stating that a transgender […]

Governor John Baldacci signed a bill on Monday that tightens a nine-year-old law banning the use of the word “squaw” from official place names (Portland Press Herald, Sun Journal). After this law took effect, many places, including the names of mountains and creeks, were changed. But, believe it or not, some people just couldn’t let […]