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I hope that you and your favorite moms were able to celebrate moms and the amazing work they do! Check out this fantastic “Mothers Day Pledge” from our coalition – Family Values at Work. A young single mom of three is fired for taking a day off to care for her sick child. A new […]

Great news in Philly, from the Family Values at Work Blog: Despite the bleak news coming from across the country regarding budget deficits and workers’ rights, paid sick days campaigns are still providing bright spots in this tough policy year.  On Tuesday, after a packed rally and a long but successful hearing, the Philadelphia Public […]

The new Maine Legislature meets for the first time tomorrow. And, the first order of business of Maine’s new legislative leadership may be to eliminate the Labor Committee – the committee that serves the needs of women workers. The Labor Committee has existed in the Maine Legislature continuously since 1887 (yes, that’s right – over […]

August 5th marks the 17th anniversary of the implementation of the Family and Medical Leave Act – when federal law for the first time acknowledged that having a family shouldn’t cost workers their job. Sadly, for too many people in this country, taking a leave still costs too much. Nearly one in ten Americans have […]