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Hot off the press: A new study shows that two-thirds of employers support nation’s first paid sick days law Strengthening the case for new paid sick days laws in Maine and across the country, a research study has found significant benefits for workers and minimal impact on businesses from the nation’s first paid sick day […]

L.D. 1665, a bill that would have provided paid sick days for Maine workers, is over. Done. Deadsville… For now. While this is a time of extreme disappointment for those who care about basic workplace protections for everyone, it is also a time of rare opportunity. Yes, opportunity. When legislators leave the State House this […]

Statement of Sarah Standiford, Executive Director: “Despite clear benefits to Maine people and businesses, today the Labor Committee rejected a bill to establish the critical protection of paid sick days for Maine people. In a major blow to Maine workers and their families, today, the Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Labor voted Majority Ought Not […]

By now you may have heard the news: the Maine Legislature will not take up a bill to provide paid sick days for Maine workers. Without support from some members of the labor committee the sponsor, Libby Mitchell, committed to making sure this committee doesn’t leave Maine people with nothing, proposed an amendment where workers […]

While driving to the office this morning I heard some comforting words from our First Lady, Michelle Obama. Quoted on a NPR piece, More Employers Make Room for Work-life Balance, the first lady commented that, “this isn’t just about family balance, this is about making workplaces stronger and attracting the most qualified people.” It’s true! […]