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And what a day it was! The girls were guided through the day – and the State House – by 60 volunteers, including lawyers, journalists, lobbyists, professors, students, and social justice activists. Reflecting on what life was like for me as an 8th grade girl – growing up on a farm in central Maine – […]

Did you know that the Maine Legislature is still 70 percent men? Girls’ Day at the State House,  a program hosted by the Maine Women’s Policy Center, is trying to increase the percentage of women legislators. Many lawmakers also stepped into the action in order to encourage the girls to take leadership positions.

We’re gearing up for the Maine Women’s Policy Center Girls’ Day at the State House! 100+ girls and nearly as many volunteers will be packing the state house halls and getting a hands-on introduction to the policymaking process. I’m scanning the list now we’ve got girls coming from as far away as Van Buren, Machiasport, […]




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