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The new Maine Legislature meets for the first time tomorrow. And, the first order of business of Maine’s new legislative leadership may be to eliminate the Labor Committee – the committee that serves the needs of women workers. The Labor Committee has existed in the Maine Legislature continuously since 1887 (yes, that’s right – over […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 25, 2010 Statement by the President on National Work and Family Month “National Work and Family Month serves as a reminder to all of us, especially working caregivers, their families, and their employers, that while we have made great strides as a nation to adopt more flexible policies in the workplace, […]

Here at the Maine Women’s Lobby, we’ve been researching family leave insurance for nearly ten years. It’s passed in three other states (California, Washington, and New Jersey), and many more are actively working on legislation. Right now, in Maine, when working families welcome a new baby or face a serious illness (think horrendous car accident […]

Something happens when one is questioned for 5 days straight by the Senate Judiciary Committee: some of their answers get lost in the thick of it all. So, just in case you missed it, Kagan had some spot-on things to say about women and work. Kagan commented that “while women have more educational opportunities than […]