Take Action to Protect Maine Kids in Childcare

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7 Apr 2016

The Legislature is considering a bill to better protect the health and safety of Maine children in child care. LD 1689, An Act To Protect Children in the State from Possible Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse by Persons Who Have Been Convicted of Crimes, would require Maine to comply with the federal law and use fingerprints to conduct a background check for licensed child care providers.

Ask your legislators to support LD 1689

It is our responsibility to do everything in our power to provide Maine children a safe environment. Federal law requires all states to begin implementation of a comprehensive background check system that includes fingerprinting by September 30, 2017. The LePage administration is refusing to comply with this requirement—making Maine the onlystate that won’t be in compliance.

LD 1689 would ensure that Maine complies with this federal law. Under current licensing regulations, all staff and volunteers must have a background check, which includes a State Bureau of Investigation check and a State Child Protective check. These are important for protecting Maine kids, but they do not go far enough. The fingerprinting required by this bill would identify if someone has a criminal history from another state.

What would it say about us if we risked our youngest children’s well-being by knowingly, purposefully refusing to screen providers who will care for them? Maine should protect children from possible sexual, physical, and emotional abuse by someone who has been convicted of a crime in Maine or another state.

It’s important for our legislators to know that we want Maine to comply with this common-sense federal law. Ask them to support LD 1689 today: bit.ly/1Sh3jdJ.

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