Tell the DEP: Mainers need to know about dangerous chemicals in our products

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21 Jul 2014

Maine people have a right to know about the use of dangerous phthalates in our everyday products. That’s why Mainers across the state signed petitions to initiate rule-making on four dangerous phthalates. The rule would name four phthalates as priority chemicals and require manufacturers to disclose their use in products under Maine’s Kid Safe Products Act.


The Maine DEP is holding a public hearing on the rule on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 28 Tyson Dr., Augusta. Parents, scientists, health professionals, and other Mainers will be testifying in support of the rule. Join us at noon to show your support. Email Kathy at to let us know you are planning to attend.


Phthalates are found in hundreds of products we all use every day, including soft vinyl products like shower curtains, raincoats, and lunch boxes, as well as many personal care products like shampoo and body lotion. Health effects associated with phthalate exposure include birth defects in baby boys, learning disabilities, asthma, and infertility & reproductive harm which can also lead to testicular and prostate cancer later in life. Phthalates are found in the bodies of most people – including all 25 Mainers who were tested for phthalates this year. (Read Hormones Disrupted to learn more.)


Can’t attend? Write a public comment that we can submit to the DEP on your behalf.  Hand written comments make an impact. It’s easy. Write your comment and be sure to:

  • Address your comment to Kerri Malinowski, Maine DEP, 17 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04330;
  • Include that you are writing in regard to Chapter 888 and the proposed rule on phthalates;
  • Write about why it’s important to you that the DEP adopt this rule;
  • Tell the DEP to act now to require manufacturers to disclose the use of phthalates in everyday products.

Once you write your comment, mail it to the Maine Women’s Lobby at 124 Sewall St., Augusta, ME 04330, Attn: Kathy. We’ll be collecting comments to deliver to the DEP through the end of August.


You can also sign our online petition at


Read about Paige Holmes’ experience as one of the 25 Maine people who was tested and found phthalates in her body: Careful shopper or not, your body may still be polluted with toxic chemicals. Her words describe how thousands of Maine parents feel: “Where is my exposure coming from? The most frustrating thing for me, as a mother, is not being able to answer that question. If I am exposed to any chemical, my sons are probably exposed too. But complete information on the chemical content of products is almost non-existent, leaving me unable to protect myself and my loved ones.”


Mainers need to know when our products have dangerous phthalates in them. It’s time for the Maine DEP to act. 

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Mary Dunn

July 21st, 2014 at 9:08 pm

We have a right to know. We need to know in order to protect our health and that of our families.