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The Facts About Two Dangerous Ballot Initiatives

Governor LePage and the Maine Republican Party are collecting signatures on two dangerous and irresponsible ballot initiatives that would have serious consequences for Maine women and our families as well as our state’s economy. These politically driven initiatives are not real reform—they are thinly disguised efforts to further cut needed programs and pit Mainer against Mainer. We shouldn’t be playing political games with people’s lives.

You may encounter people collecting signatures for these initiatives over the coming weeks or hear about them in the news and from people you know. We wanted to give you the facts about these efforts and urge you to join us in opposing them.

What do these initiatives do? (You can download more details by clicking here.)

The first initiative will give millions of dollars to Maine’s wealthiest residents by drastically cutting Maine’s income tax with no plan to replace the lost funding for schools and other services that we all rely on. This tax plan from the governor would reduce the state income tac to 4% by 2021, with a plan that would get it to 0% over time.

Here’s what you need to know about the governor’s tax plan:

      1. It is a huge give away to the wealthy.
      2. It will slash funding for schools and vital services.
      3. It will trigger property tax increases.
      4. It will make an unfair tax system even less fair.
      5. It will slow economic growth in Maine. 

Download more details here.

The second initiative scapegoats people living at risk of homelessness and hunger while doing nothing to make people’s lives better or tackle real economic problems facing Maine families. They don’t offer the tools or opportunities people need to get decent-paying jobs. This so-called “reform” proposal is just more the blaming and shaming we’ve been fighting for years and will hurt our most vulnerable neighbors.

Here’s what you need to know about the governor’s welfare measures:

      1. It hurts parents and children.
      2. It does nothing to promote economic opportunity.
      3. It scapegoats new Mainers.
      4. It makes it harder for people to get back on their feet.
      5. It contains costly and ineffective gimmicks. 

Download more details here. 

We can build a prosperous future for all Maine people, but not by putting politics above families’ lives.

Please stand with us and say, “This is not my Maine!”