Maine Women's Lobby

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She Decides

“The power is in the purse; speak to me if you want my vote.”

Women are a powerful force in the electorate. Women were 53% of voters in the last presidential election and 56% of them voted for our current president.  Unmarried women accounted for nearly half of the increase in votes cast between 2004 and 2008.  Why did the “women’s vote” win the last election? Because campaign messages and priorities spoke directly to the economic realities of women’s lives.

When you work hard in Maine, you should be able to care for yourself and your family. Workers in Maine are struggling with lost jobs, cuts in hours, and drops in overtime. A record 58,000 Maine people remain unemployed.  We all agree that job security is critical for a family’s well-being—and for Maine’s economic recovery.

That’s why, now more than ever, we need policies to support access to good jobs with benefits and to help workers hold onto those jobs—and income when faced with inevitable illness or family needs.

She Decides is our pocketbook agenda and it’s your road map for candidates  who want to speak to this powerful constituency.