Maine Women's Lobby

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Current Legislative Priorities


The Road to Equality Starts Here.


Creating Economic Security and Opportunity

The Maine Women's Lobby will help women support themselves and their families by:

  • Increasing women's wages and ensuring equal pay
  • Improving access to post-secondary education for women
  • Guaranteeing paid sick days so that everyone has the opportunity to get well
  • Extending protections against discrimination to parents and all caregivers
  • Defending essential support services such as TANF and General Assistance

Protecting Women from Violence

The Maine Women's Lobby will support survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault by:

  • Improving safety in the workplace for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Protecting survivors of violence and law enforcement agents by improving the protection from abuse order process
  • Ensuring adequate funding for critical violence prevention services

Ensuring Access to Health Care

The Maine Women's Lobby will affirm Maine women's fundamental right to privacy and expand access to affordable, quality health care by:

  • Defending against restrictions on abortion, family planning, and comprehensive sexuality education
  • Ensuring Maine's commitment to prescription drug coverage for the elderly and disabled
  • Supporting the effort to reduce cost, enhance quality, and increase access to health care through MaineCare and the Dirigo Health Plan

Ending Discrimination

The Maine Women's Lobby will ensure civil rights for gays and lesbians by:

  • Opposing attacks on the rights of all Maine people
  • Enacting full marriage equality

On the federal level, the Maine Women's Lobby will continue to monitor and lobby Congressional leaders, working to advance our issues with Congress and the Administration. There is much work ahead, but together we will advance equal rights and equal opportunity for Maine women. Your membership will make a difference.